Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire Mk. Vb


Andy Mason shared his completed Spitfire Mk. Vb, built out of the box. Andy said “Always enjoy building Tamiya’s WWII fighters.  Beautiful kits.” I agree 100%- great work Andy!


Readers’ Gallery: Lee Mullis’ 1/48 Eduard Fokker D.VII (O.A.W.) Sieben Schwaben


Lee Mullis posted this cool Fokker D.VII. I love the artwork on the fuselage.

Finally completed this build.  Cool little kit.  I decided not to add the control rigging on this build.  I have a few more Eduard Fokker D.VIIs in the stash, I will add the control rigging to those.


Readers’ Gallery: Joe LoMusio’s 148 MP Models 1/32 M-50 Israeli Sherman


Joe LoMusio shared another great build. Looks great Joe!

Just finished this Israeli M-50 Sherman. Old MP Models kit, 1:32 scale, built straight OOB. Fun diversion from my usual WWI armor and Biplanes.


Readers’ Gallery: Mark Strasser’s 1/48 Revell UH-34D


Mark Strasser shared this great looking UH-34D. Awesome work Mark!

Been a while for a chopper build. This kit had super thick decals that needed multiple coats of salvoset to conform, I also added some from my scrap box. I used hobbycraft acrylics. Would like to make another version with aftermarket goodies. Hope you enjoy looking.

Readers’ Gallery: Joe LoMusio’s 1/35 Trumpeter Soviet Aerosan NKL-26


Joe LoMusio shared this awesome looking Soviet vehicle. It looks like something from The Empire Strikes Back! Great work Joe!

I’m always interested in unique and interesting subjects to model. This is Trumpeter’s 1:35 scale kit of the Soviet Aerosan NKL-26. Almost looks like a forerunner of some Star Wars armored vehicle fighting in the Battle of Hoth. Great kit, though, and built straight out of the box. I wanted it to look heavily weathered in that harsh Russian winter landscape on the Eastern Front.

Build report: Trumpeter’s 1/48 Westland Whirlwind


When it comes to Trumpeter kits, there only seem to be two opinions. You either love them or hate them.

The distinction seems to be how you feel about accuracy. Trumpeter aircraft kits are not known for their accuracy. Interior detail is often fictitious, at best it’s sorta kinda close. Shape is often suspect, and while the models generally resemble what they’re intended to look like, those with a sharp eye for shape rarely like what they see.

But Trumpeter does sell a whole lot of kits.

And I happen to be one of those folks who love them. Well…. mostly. Read more

Build Report: Italeri’s 1/48 Spitfire Mk. IXc “George Beurling RCAF”


This isn’t the first Italeri Spitfire Mk. IX I’ve built. In fact, it’s the fourth. The kit, which is actually the old Occidental kit, is not really the best shaped, or the best fitting, or the best detailed. So why have I built so many of them? Simple- it can be found for cheap, it’s not a fiddly or difficult build, and when it’s done, it looks like a Spitfire to all but the most “boffiny” of Spitfire boffins. Read more

Kit Preview: RS Models’ 1/48 Fokker D-XXIII


For the past few years, I’ve been really impressed with the work Agape forum member Honza Knetl has done with kits from RS Models. They seemed to be some very interesting subjects, and the kits themselves looked pretty nice. There was only one problem…

They were all 1/72nd scale. I’m just not able to see things in that scale anymore. :)

Then I saw that RS Models released a 1/48 Fokker D-XXIII. I contacted my good friend, Mike Starling, a great American, at my favorite hobby shop, Hayes Hobby House in Fayetteville, NC, and I said “get one of those for me!” After Mike said “Who is this?” he agreed to order one for me. Read more

Dale Hutchinson’s 1/32 Hasegawa S-199 Conversion


Agape forum member Dale Hutchinson (Hutch) shared his results on this awesome looking S-199 conversion. Great stuff Dale!

I really wanted to get this build done before the new year and I finally crossed the finished line.  At this summer’s Nats my goal was to pick up something unique and not really add that much to the stash.  My wife blessed me with a few dollars to splurge and I made a purchase that I rarely make.  I had always eyed the 1:32 Werner’s Wings S-199 conversion set, but the price of $75 made me hesitant.  I decided to make the plunge, so I chatted with the nice Werner’s Wings folks at the vendor table…they are really nice folks.

The base kit I used was the fine 1:32 Hasegawa Bf109G-14.  The Werner’s conversion set came with an entirely new nose piece and some great decal options.  I have to comment that the Werner’s resin was first rate…finely detailed and not brittle…surface was perfect.

As part of the conversion, I had to cut off the nose of the base kit. However, the resin nose fit was perfect. Additional aftermarket parts were some RB Productions fabric belts in the cockpit, and some Barracuda Wheels. I painted the model with MM RLM 02 and chose the Czech scheme.

I did make one annoying error….when I clamped the left wing I did it too tightly which compressed the wing…this resulted in poor fit with the resin nose. So the fit in this area was my fault and not the conversion set.

In conclusion, for my first experience with a full conversion of a kit I am very pleased. It was a fun build.

Readers’ Gallery: Mike Readers’ 1/72 Airfix Handley Page 0/400


Mike Reader shared this long term project. It looks great Mike, no matter how long it took!

I am not the quickest of builders and this was no exception, it was supposed to be finished for the WW1 fellowship build 2 years ago. Anyway all is complete , all I added was the fishing line rigging, masking etch seat belts, some control lines for the radiator shutters and some wind driven fuel pumps. At this rate and course I should complete my model stash in about 78 years at present speed.

Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s Hasegawa 1/32 F/A-18C


Andy Mason shared this superb F-18. Great job as usual Andy!

This is Academy’s 1:32 F/A-18C with the following aftermarket parts:

  • Sierra Hotel Models seamless intakes
  • Black Box cockpit
  • Rhino Models exahusts and wheels
  • SuperScale decals
  • CAM resin GBU-32
  • G-Factor brass landing gear

Readers’ Gallery: Michael G’s Junkers Ju88 A-13 Special Build


This model is a real treat to see! Michael did some amazing work on this cutaway Ju-88. Awesome stuff Michael!

This 1/48 project has been one undertaken in parts, depicting cutaway versions of wing and fuselage areas. The aircraft is presented in an inverted fashion, all detail fashioned and viewed from the aircraft underside. The inspiration is in part the Luftwaffe aircraft itself; the WB80 gun pod and its construction; and the cutaway vantage point from beneath. At the outset, I designed to depict an open wing/nacelle/landing gear structure for the port wing, and a whole wing (with retracted landing gear) depiction for the starboard wing. The fuselage would be openly viewed from tip to tail showing cockpit (without floor deck,) fuel tank bay, bomb compartment, aft-ward mechanical gear and tailwheel assembly (partially retracted.)

The  wing and stab parts are from a Ju88 Koster Vacu-form kit, the fuselage and canopy from an AMT Ju88A kit, a few detail pieces from a Dragon Ju88A-4 kit, and aftermarket sets of Aires resin Ju88 engine/wheelbay details, and Verlinden resin Ju88A cockpit details. The remaining components (including the gun pods) are all scratch-built. This project has been a good test of skill development, personal patience, and diligence – all qualities which I fully attribute to the One who has supplied them in love, Jesus Christ. His Word states this fine encouragement…The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. Ecclesiastes 7:8   Amen!

Readers’ Gallery: Joe LoMusio’s 1/32 Alley Cat Bristol M1.c


Joe LoMusio shared this unusual resin kit from Alley Cat. Great work Joe!

Just finished this Bristol M1.c resin kit from Alley Cat in 1:32 scale. A unique monoplane that saw limited action in front line squadrons on the Western Front. This depicts a plane that was used as a trainer in England, and therefore not armed. This is a really nice kit to build and the rigging is quite simple (compared to typical biplane rigging schemes.

Readers’ Gallery: Mark Strasser’s 1/72 Trumpeter Fairey Gannet T.2


Mark Strasser shred his very shiny Fairey Gannet build. Great work Mark!

Mark said “I used alclad chrome. I should have used aluminum, but I love the shine on my shelf. I also used a mix of Craftsman acrylic orange and dayglo orange- 2/3 orange to 1/3 dayglo. I finished the kit with light coats of Future.”

Readers’ Gallery: Steve Cook’s 1/48 Kitty Hawk F-35A Lighting II


Steve Cook finished this great looking F-35, and shared his photos on the Agape Models forum. Looks awesome, Steve!

All in all a decent kit, there were some inaccuracies with the instructions, but I managed to overcome this issue by cross checking online references for photos. Im very happy with the outcome and hope to try another one soon.


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