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Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s 1/48 Hasegawa F-8E Crusader

Andy Mason is back with another great build, this time Hasegawa’s Crusader. Great work Andy!

Hasegawa 1:48, Aires Cockpit, Aires Wing Bay, Aires gear wells, SuperScale decals, Model Master, Tamiya and Citadel paints

Here she is.  Not my best effort, but still enjoyable and will be the first Crusader in my display case.

Readers’ Gallery: Gil Hodges Monogram 1/48 F-84G

Agape forum member Gil Hodges posted thius awesome looking F-84 in COL Robert Scott’s marking. Great work Gil!

This is the Monogram/Revell 1/48 F-84G kit, backdated to an E with a retrofitted “G” canopy (couldn’t find the “E” kit!). The kit comes with both canopies, but you have to fill in the air bleed doors on the fuselage sides, cut off the refueling probes from the tip tanks, and remove the refueling boom doors from the upper left wing to backdate the aircraft. The model was built OOTB and Cutting Edge decals supplied the markings for Col. Scott’s Thunderjet. The markings for this late F-84E are basically the same as for his early E, except for the addition of the command stripes on the fuselage, the later canopy, and slightly different lightning bolts on the tip tanks.

I was less than impressed with the some of the engineering on this kit, particularly with the nose gear. It really needs a wire pin for strength. Also, the instructions are very poor for the main gear, failing to show precisely how to fit the scissors links and the gear retraction links. You’ll need close up pics from some reference of the main gear to see how the parts are supposed to fit! Out side of that, the fit of the kit parts is pretty good and the detailing is very nice.

I used Alclad for the NMF and Testors True Blue for the tip tanks (a good match for the decal tail striping!) The tail stripes fit the tail quite well, while the command stripes were a bit fussy (a bit too long). The red nose flash didn’t fit AT ALL, and so it had to be masked and painted. The stars/bars, stencils, and the USAF modex decals are from the kit and went down just as nicely as the Cutting Edge decals.

Overall this was an enjoyable build, and it makes a nice companion to Scott’s C-47 squadron hack (in the same markings) on my shelf! Comments, questions, and critiques welcome, as always! Cheers!

Readers’ Gallery: Eric Larson’s Airfix 1/48 Seafire Mk. 46/47

Agape forum member Eric Larson (eclarson) shared a build from a few years ago, Airfix’s great Seafire Mk. 46/47 kit. Great work Eric!

Here’s another I don’t think I’ve shown to y’all before.  Built over 12 years ago, extras added were Hi-Tech resin detail set (seat, wheels, exhaust stubs, tail control surfaces), and Squadron vac-form canopy.  Decals are Aeromaster and kit’s, the latter being simply horrid.  If I remember correctly, the paints used were Floquil Military Enamels.

Readers’ Gallery: Rick Heinbaugh’s Kitbash Dragster

Agape forum member Rick Heinbaugh (Rick_H) pulled a part from here and a part from there and came up with this great looking dragster. Looks awesome Rick!

Finished one.  It is nothing in particular, just a vanilla dragster of about 1964 vintage.  The body and frame are from the AMT Hemi Sphere kit, with the front bodywork snipped off.  The engine is the Revell Parts Pack 427 Ford FE kit.  Wheels and tires and front end are from the Revell Tony Nancy 22jr kit.

Readers’ Gallery: David Willis’ 1/35 Dragon M4 Sherman

Continuing on a Sherman theme, Agape Forum member David Willis (Circuitrider) shares his work on this great looking M4 from Dragon.

And here’s the completed project!  I’m pleased with the result.  Except for a few minor problems this kit turned out OK.

Readers’ Gallery: Bret Foland’s 1/35 Tamiya M4A3 Sherman

Agape forum member Bret Foland (UncaBret) shared his awesome results on this Sherman. Another forum member, Anthony Fuentes (captfue) sculpted the figures, giving Brett’s diorama a truly one-of-a-kind look! Thanks for sharing these pics, Bret!

Readers’ Gallery: Aaron’s 1/48 Accurate Miniatures P-51B

Agape forum member Aaron (RonnieRex) posted his results on this beautiful P-51B. Great work, Aaron!

Finished!  Boy ‘em I glad to have this one done.  It’s taken me so long, but I’m glad to have had a second chance on painting it right.  I somehow missed the seat belts… oops.  Thank you for all the kind words that have helped me stay motivated to finish this one.

For those of you who have build an AM Mustang, you’ll know about the four .50 barrels that you have to glue into the wing.  My B model has 6 .50 barrels in it.  They are stuck inside the wing where they have vanished out of site.  Thankfully, I had extras!

Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18A VFC-12 Adversary

Andy Mason posts another of his “Adversary” builds, to compliment his previous build from a few weeks ago. Great work again, Andy! They look awesome.

Readers’ Gallery: Jeff Adair’s 1/24th Tasca Panzer II

Jeff Adair (jeff8600) finished his Panzer II as part of the Agape Models forum Desert Fellowship Build. Great work Jeff!

Well I got the 1/24th Panzer II finished last night, I used Testers Model Master paint for the base and Vallejo paint for the chipping and washes, I also used Mig Pigments for a dusting and for the rust on the tracks.

Readers’ Gallery: Tom’s 1/72 Hobbyboss Bf-109E-7

Forum member Tom (spitguy) shared his finished work on Hobbyboss’ Emil. these Hobbyboss kits are a great bargain- I’ve built several myself. Thanks for sharing Tom!

Here is my latest completion – the Hobbyboss 1/72 Bf-109E-7 (Easy Assembly).

I started on this kit last Christmas and then put it on hold to work on other projects, picking it back up this February.  These kits are simple and fun and a great way to work on certain techniques.  I further worked on my pre-shading – I was a little more aggressive in letting the pre-shade show through the color coat this time and I am happy with the effect.  I am getting pretty settled into a medium pre-shade and a light oil wash as my preferred technique to show general fading and wear.  The antenna mast broke off while the kit was in storage, so I used the antenna mast from my spare parts box from a Tamiya P-51B, cutting it down to the right size in my judgement.

In my opinion, you just have to love the lines of the early 109s…the G model and later just look like some kind of mutant to me with their big noses, bulges, and rounded wingtips.  The first time I learned about the 109 was from a book on the Battle of Britian in elementary school and I guess that book established in my mind what a 109 was supposed to look like!  I also recently watched a new show on the History Channel that showcased Guenter Rall, Hitler’s “Greatest Ace”…talk about a warrior – shot down 8 times earlier in his career, he still fought the USAAF in November 1944 with a broken back and missing thumb (shot off in May 1944).

Thanks for looking!

Readers’ Gallery: Brian’s 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1

Agape forum member Brian (F-104nut) posted his finished pics of this great looking “Guadalcanal Corsair”. Brian used with a Verlinden resin seat and Cutting Edge decals in building the model. Looks awesome Brian!

Readers’ Gallery: Bo Roberts’ Pegasus Hobbies 1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk. I

When it comes to modeling, Bo knows fun. (Sorry Bo, I couldn’t resist…. ;)) I love to see Pegasus Hobbies kits show up in our forums. Yes, they are snap kits. No, they aren’t uber-detailed like the latest kit from Tamigawumpeteruard. But you know what? They’re fun. To me, it’s exactly what I loved about the hobby as a kid, and still do. Enjoy it for the fun of it. It’s the journey, not the destination.

Great stuff Bo. Thanks for sharing!

Modeling is fun again when ya DON’T have to strive for perfection.  This Hurricane is the product of about a two week build (that’s lightning fast for me).  Most of the time spent was waiting for something to dry.

This kit has been built and shown here many times but I will tell you what I did to make improvements on a very nice kit.

Added seat belts and gun sight and a few fiddly things to make the cockpit more busy. I boxed in the landing light areas and made lights outta sliced tubing and painted them silver and put a big drop of white glue to simulate the glass bulb. Made the leading edge lenses outta packaging tape, masked and readied for paint. Cut off all kit nav lights and made colored bulb with stretched sprue and painted appropriate color.  Once again, used white glue/Krystal Klear to fill-in and make the lenses. Drilled out the light on bottom and filled it with white glue tinted with red/yellow clear Tamiya acrylic.  Drilled out the exhaust pipes and painted to my liking. Vac-u-formed the canopy and made new mirror above the forward windshield. (Oh, glued the canopy in place using WHITE GLUE, swiped off the excess with a wet finger.  Works like a champ.) Made pitot tube and fitted to the bottom of the left wing. The kit spinner is too small in diameter at the back plate, so I tried, once, and failed to vac a new spinner that would extend past the forward engine cowl per the real thing (Viewing from the profile). Painted using Testors acrylic paints and added Super Scale Hurricane decals.  Both the decals and ARCO-Aircam Publication called for the undersides to be Azure Blue.  I used a Pollyscale Railroad color that looked “close-enuff”!!

As I said before, unless you want to spent a lot of time, I would NOT recommend this kit as a starting point for IPMS contest.  But if ya want a nice shelf sitter, that you don’t want to put in the display case and that kids can pick up and examine/play with, the Pegasus Hobbies makes a GREAT fund build with a very small investment.  They retail for around $10 or $11.  Enjoy!!

Readers’ Gallery: RJ Tucker’s Hasegawa 1/72 F/A-18 Hornet

Continuing along the F/A-18 theme, here is RJ Tucker’s great looking work on his Hasegawa Hornet. Thanks for sharing this with us RJ!

This is the  1/72 scale Hasegawa kit. I dropped the flaps, added weapons from the Hasegawa weapons sets, and used 2-Bobs decal sheet 72-031. The Hasegawa Hornet is pretty fiddly to put together. I kept the weathering light because it’s so easy to over do in 1/72 scale. The flash washed out some the more subtle tones, especially on the bottom.  Overall through,  I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18 NSAWC Adversary

Forum member Andy Mason (amason61) shared his great work on this striking hornet. Very nice Andy!

Okay guys and gals, here she is!  This is my Hasegawa F/A-18A 1:48 NSAWC Top Gun/Adversary.  It’s built OOB including kit decals.  Tamiya paints on top.  Model Master grays on the bottom.

Readers’ Gallery: Brock’s 1/48 Accurate Miniatures P-51C

Agape forum member Brock (longbowmech) shared pics of his Tuskegee Airmen P-51C. Great work Brock!

Here is Accurate Minatures P-51C kit. The fit was not great. The Tamiya kit can’t be beat! The only reason I bought the kit was for the awesome decal sheet that came with it. The sheet gives you many different red tails to build.

Kermit Weeks down in Polk City, Florida has a Mustang in Ina the Macon Belle markings and you can pretty much eat a meal off the wing it is so clean. I decided to build the Belle and weather it as it would have possibly looked in WW2. I looked at many different pictures of Mustangs in WW2 to try and come up with a way to weather Mustang and try to keep it clean because the Tuskegee Airmen would polish their birds in between missions.

Readers’ Gallery: Rick Lorenz’s 1/48 Accurate Miniatures TBM Avenger

Agape forum member Rick Lorenz (Spruemeister) shared his work on this TBM Avenger in the not-so-often- seen Atlantic scheme. Excellent work Rick!

After a discussion about Accurate Miniatures following the weekly Bible Study, I thought I would put up a couple pictures of an old build of mine from…  can’t remember.  Oh well.  Its one of the better kits I’ve ever built which is a testimony to AM and their products, not to my meager modeling skills.

Also I needed an excuse to test run a new photo set up.  4 desk lamps set up around a 66 quart semi-translucent plastic tote, with posterboard background and my Nikon D-50 on a tripod.  18-55mm lens, in program mode and incandescent white balance.  I can’t remember who I stole this idea from.  I think it was here on Agape.

I still don’t have the depth of field issue solved, but I have another lens option to try.  I like how they turned out for the most part.  Enough to keep tweaking it a little.

I must have built this in my pre-weathering days.  Kinda clean for North Atlantic duty.

Readers’ Gallery: Gil Hodges 1/48 Monogram F-4C

Agape forum member Gil Hodges (g.hodges) shared these photos of his striking F-4C. Great work Gil- those stripes are cool!

This is the Monogram 1/48 kit with the IPMS Phoenix Nationals decals by Two Bobs. The stripes are painted and the intake covers are Koster vac parts. I managed to fit a True Details resin cockpit into the model.

Readers’ Gallery: Bo Roberts’ Airfix 1/48 B-57

Agape forum member Bo Roberts (jabow) shares his experience building this awesome looking Airfix B-57. Great work Bo!

B-57s were stationed at an AFB in my home town and I had several occasions to give these aircraft a good up close ‘look-see’.  They were very well maintained in the mid/late ’50s so I elected NOT to weather this model at all. (Peace time military personnel have all the time in the world to keep equipment in top-notch condition.)
Used SAC landing gear and Terry Dean’s nose weight.  Vac-u-formed the Canopy with .010 in plastic and glued it in place with WHITE GLUE!!  Used Eduard Canopy mask and canopy DID NOT pull loose when removing mask.  Haven’t tried picking up model by the canopy because it’s too thin.  Hope this removes all questions about using white glue to attach canopies!!  It works and I used it exclusive for my vacuform canopies!

Decals are from Xtradecal, #48077.  (The blue in the star & bars looks just fine inside but too light in the bright sunlight.)

Tamiya gloss black was used overall and a real pain to get right; I’ll do better next time!!  LOL!!  (Ever said that before?)

The kit is okay, but NOT up to the standards of Tamigawa.  The pilot figures are closer to 72nd scale and were NOT used.  True Details 48th seats for the B-57 are likewise too small so I modified kit seats.

I did use a technique that I’ve never used before.  I built, filled seams, painted and decaled the wings, fuselage all separately.  After decaling each component, I assembled it all together.  I used a lot of white glue to fill the wing-to-fuselage and tail plane-to fuselage seams!!  A lot!! But a wet finger can smooth it all out W/O sanding!!  Touch up with gloss black paint and you’re done!!  Wish these joints were Tamigawa quality!!  Oh well, it’s black and that’ll have to do.

Fun build.

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