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Reader’s Gallery: Michael Faulkner’s Crusader Diorama

Agape forum member Michael Faulkner (jagdtiger1944) built this great diorama and posted pics on the Agape forums. Looks awesome!

Alright, finally finished it. It has Black Dog stowage, provided to me by a good man Bret (Bret Foland, forum member UncaBret), and that’s about it.

Readers’ Gallery: Brian’s Hobbyboss 1/32 Spitfire Mk. Vb

Agape forum member Brian (F-104nut) posted his excellent work on this big-scale Spitfire. Looks great Brian!

This is a pretty nice kit other then a few shape issues. I used aftermarket decals from Aeromsater. The model is painted with Model Master paints.

Readers’ Gallery: Ross McAthur’s 1/48 Hasegawa RNZAF P-40K

New forum member Ross McArthur posted this impressive looking P-40. Great work Ross!

Well, well, things are certainly moving along now. Got my 1st P-40 done in a long while; it’s been a coon’s age since I dabbled in a Curtiss.
This is the second of my commission build madness. Although a great boost to the modelling skills – I can give it back and avoid another dust collector – the pressure’s on to get it right. For the most part it’s an object lesson in keeping up the momentum, else things stall and the beast develops ‘hangar rash’.

This is Geoff Fisken’s P-40K, NZ air force, PTO. My friend wanted this scheme, seen regularly on the airshow circuit. Not strictly the contemporary colours but it does look sharp with an all-white tail, don’t it?

  • Finished in Humbrol and Revell enamels.
  • Scratch built seatbelts.
  • Exhausts and gun ports drilled out.
  • Casing ejector holes drilled and filed.
  • Underwing panels filed and sanded down to a more scale thickness.
  • Instrument panel re-worked to incorporate kit decals.
  • Custom wing roundels, cowl number and serials from another friend.
  • Aerial wire is stretched rod from a Q-tip. Very workable plastic and CA works a treat.
  • Undercarriage bays had some access holes drilled and filed out.
  • The canopy was also filed and sanded, then polished and dipped in Future so that it sits better.

Readers’ Gallery: David Wise’s 1/48 Tamiya P-47D Razorback

David Wise (forum member tractorman) posted this great looking Thunderbolt in our forums. Great to see your work, David! Now go get yourself some Brunswick Stew! ;)

Finally, oh my goodness another one finished. Hey where’s my cake?  Started this one a while ago, got it painted and started the decals, but then I could not find the name and letters . I looked for at least a year. I posted my search and Wayne (forum member Eagle334) thought he had them, sure enough, he did. So a big THANK YOU to Wayne.

Readers’ Gallery: Phill Sporton’s Wirbelwind Flak Car

Phill Sporton built this great looking flak car that the Germans proposed in WWII. Phill explains a little of it’s interesting history. Great work, Phill!

Well, I’ve been “Training” again ! I was reading that the Germans proposed a Flak Car on the same chassis as the S.SP Heavy Armored Car I built over Easter. The proposed both a Wirbelwind version and a Kugelblitz version. I have a Kugelblitz turret in my collection so we’ll save that for another day. Also neither of these were actually produced. Flak protection to these Armored Trains was typically a 20mm Flak mounted on a flat car….. but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a fun build…

Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s Hasegawa 1/48 Mitsubishi F-2A

Forum member Andy Mason shared this stunning Mitsubishi F-2A with us. Absolutely gorgeous!

Decals: Afterburner “6 Hikotai F-2A/B
AM: Shawn Hull GE F110 Exhaust
Paint: Mr Color (airframe camo) and Tamiya paints

Having built 5 Tamiya F-16s, I was ready to be disappointed with the engineering of Hasegawa’s F-2A.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised at the similar breakdown of construction and parts as well as the precise fit of most of the assemblies.  A little tidying up of the wing joins and getting a seamless intake were the only places that needed a touch of putty and a little extra work.  The F-2 is really a joy to build.

I used Mr. Color paints for the first time — and LOVED them!  I used the colors called out on the Afterburner decal sheet and thinned them with Mr. Leveling Thinner and they went down smooth and dried rock hard.  Afterburner’s F-2A decal sheet has an enormous amount of stencils to cover the F-2A airframe — they even include my favorite: decals for the raised white lettering on the tires!  I spent several sessions applying all of the tiny markings, but the end result was worth it. The only other addition to the kit was the Shawn Hull GE F-110 exhaust, which is a true work of art!  Too bad Shawn recently indicated he is taking a sabbatical from producing his resin otherwise he’d have multiple orders from me!

Readers’ Gallery: Vin’s 1/32 Moebius Colonial Viper II

Agape forum member Vin (iwragg) posted this Viper build he completed for his son. Great work Vin! I’m sure he’ll love it!

Maker:Moebius Models
Scale: 1/32nd
Pros: Excellent fit for this type of kit. Built into a nicely presented result. Good detail for a Scifi kit.
Cons:Decals are brittle, suggest a coating of varnish before applying.
Paints used: Tamiya semigloss black for preshading, Humbrol light grey primmer, Humbrol Dark Sea Grey, Model Master Burnt Iron and Tamiya Flat White.
Finish: Future and Model Master Dull Coat
Glues: both contact and weld glues used
Filler: Tamiya Filler and Mr Surfacer

Readers’ Gallery: David Wise’s 1/48 Monogram F9F Panther

Normally I make a nice comment about a modelers kit, and then post whatever text they have provided about a kit in  the forums. Not today though. I want to talk about my dear brother in Christ, David Wise, otherwise known as tractorman. (And wait for the inevitable message asking me if I have lost my mind. Maybe I have. You never know. ;))

David just finished this great looking build, though he started on it three years ago. It was about this time three years ago, in fact, that I met David. He drove up from way down along the coast of Florida to the IPMS shown in Atlanta. Agape Models had a table there, and David hung out with us. We even shared some BBQ and Brunswick Stew from Williams Bros. BBQ, God bless them.

I’ve learned a lot from David over these years. He’s a true, dear friend and supporter of Agape Models. He’s faced a tough few years, and yet through all of it, he’s inspired me and many others with a simple, unwavering faith that God is Who He says He is, and God is in charge, and we need to rely on that and nothing else. David quietly posts a daily devotional in the forums, faithfully, every day. I thank him for that.

David, dear brother in Christ, you are an inspiration to me, and I’m so glad I know you. And I’m proud to see you finish this Panther. Way to go, brother!

Now, I guess that means I have to finish mine! :D

Readers’ Gallery: Raleigh Lamb’s Tamiya 1/48 F2A-2 Buffalo

Raleigh Lamb has posted this great looking Brewster Buffalo in the pre-war yellow wings scheme. Great work Raleigh!

This was a departure from my normal builds of drab grays and greens for me. I must admit I did enjoy applying all the different colors, and it definitely catches my eye. I used the Tamiya 1/48th F2A-2 Buffalo kit, an Eduard color P.E. detail set, a Squadron vacuform canopy, and Yellow Wing Decals for the squadron colors and markings. I started off by scribing the panel lines that were raised, as this kit had both recessed and raised lines. I also scratch built wheel well and motor mount structure, using a Special Hobby F2A-3 kit as an example. I stole a motor accessories section, and two .50 cal. M.G.s from a Hobby Boss FM2 Wildcat kit to round out the wheel well/motor mount area. As this was a pre-war bird, all the references I could find pointed to the entire interior being painted with an aluminum dope, with the exception of the area above the cockpit side consoles, which were flat black, so this is the way I painted it.

After installing the detail set in the interior, and completing the wheel well/motor areas, the fuselage halves were buttoned up, the wings assembled, and installed on the fuselage. The wing to fuselage joint left a fairly bad step on the trailing edge, and had to be shimmed to remove the step, and puttied to close a small gap. This was the worst of the fit problems however, and the rest of the build was straight forward. After some filling, and sanding, I applied Alclad’s gray primer to reveal any flaws in the surface, these were corrected to the best of my ability, and the primer coat sanded to a high gloss shine with a micro mesh kit. I then applied Floquil’s Bright Silver as the aluminium dope, pre shaded the tops of the wings, and the whole tail surfaces. The wings were painted Testors Enamel Chrome Yellow, the tail Lemon Yellow (Blue Angel Yellow), and the nose was painted True Blue. Touch ups were completed as necessary, and the decals were applied.

The kit decals were rather thick, and the national insignias wrinkled slightly with micro scale solutions, but after some re-applications of the solutions, most of the wrinkles were taken out. The Yellow Wing Decals performed well as they are printed by Micro Scale, but the folks at YWD provide you with some very thorough instructions and paint suggestions. After the decals were dry, the excess glue and solutions were removed with a damp cloth, and a coat of Future applied. Once this was cured, weathering/panel highlighting was accomplished with black oil paint, and turpentine. When this was complete, the excess oil paint was removed with a paper towel, and re-applied where necessary.

I thoroughly enjoyed this build, with all the bright colors, and can recomend this kit to anyone, as it can be built OOB into a very nice model, and can also very easily be super detailed to the modeler’s liking. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have, and questions, comments, and critiques welcome.

Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s 1/48 Hasegawa F-8E Crusader

Andy Mason is back with another great build, this time Hasegawa’s Crusader. Great work Andy!

Hasegawa 1:48, Aires Cockpit, Aires Wing Bay, Aires gear wells, SuperScale decals, Model Master, Tamiya and Citadel paints

Here she is.  Not my best effort, but still enjoyable and will be the first Crusader in my display case.

Readers’ Gallery: Gil Hodges Monogram 1/48 F-84G

Agape forum member Gil Hodges posted thius awesome looking F-84 in COL Robert Scott’s marking. Great work Gil!

This is the Monogram/Revell 1/48 F-84G kit, backdated to an E with a retrofitted “G” canopy (couldn’t find the “E” kit!). The kit comes with both canopies, but you have to fill in the air bleed doors on the fuselage sides, cut off the refueling probes from the tip tanks, and remove the refueling boom doors from the upper left wing to backdate the aircraft. The model was built OOTB and Cutting Edge decals supplied the markings for Col. Scott’s Thunderjet. The markings for this late F-84E are basically the same as for his early E, except for the addition of the command stripes on the fuselage, the later canopy, and slightly different lightning bolts on the tip tanks.

I was less than impressed with the some of the engineering on this kit, particularly with the nose gear. It really needs a wire pin for strength. Also, the instructions are very poor for the main gear, failing to show precisely how to fit the scissors links and the gear retraction links. You’ll need close up pics from some reference of the main gear to see how the parts are supposed to fit! Out side of that, the fit of the kit parts is pretty good and the detailing is very nice.

I used Alclad for the NMF and Testors True Blue for the tip tanks (a good match for the decal tail striping!) The tail stripes fit the tail quite well, while the command stripes were a bit fussy (a bit too long). The red nose flash didn’t fit AT ALL, and so it had to be masked and painted. The stars/bars, stencils, and the USAF modex decals are from the kit and went down just as nicely as the Cutting Edge decals.

Overall this was an enjoyable build, and it makes a nice companion to Scott’s C-47 squadron hack (in the same markings) on my shelf! Comments, questions, and critiques welcome, as always! Cheers!

Readers’ Gallery: Eric Larson’s Airfix 1/48 Seafire Mk. 46/47

Agape forum member Eric Larson (eclarson) shared a build from a few years ago, Airfix’s great Seafire Mk. 46/47 kit. Great work Eric!

Here’s another I don’t think I’ve shown to y’all before.  Built over 12 years ago, extras added were Hi-Tech resin detail set (seat, wheels, exhaust stubs, tail control surfaces), and Squadron vac-form canopy.  Decals are Aeromaster and kit’s, the latter being simply horrid.  If I remember correctly, the paints used were Floquil Military Enamels.

Readers’ Gallery: Rick Heinbaugh’s Kitbash Dragster

Agape forum member Rick Heinbaugh (Rick_H) pulled a part from here and a part from there and came up with this great looking dragster. Looks awesome Rick!

Finished one.  It is nothing in particular, just a vanilla dragster of about 1964 vintage.  The body and frame are from the AMT Hemi Sphere kit, with the front bodywork snipped off.  The engine is the Revell Parts Pack 427 Ford FE kit.  Wheels and tires and front end are from the Revell Tony Nancy 22jr kit.

Readers’ Gallery: David Willis’ 1/35 Dragon M4 Sherman

Continuing on a Sherman theme, Agape Forum member David Willis (Circuitrider) shares his work on this great looking M4 from Dragon.

And here’s the completed project!  I’m pleased with the result.  Except for a few minor problems this kit turned out OK.

Readers’ Gallery: Bret Foland’s 1/35 Tamiya M4A3 Sherman

Agape forum member Bret Foland (UncaBret) shared his awesome results on this Sherman. Another forum member, Anthony Fuentes (captfue) sculpted the figures, giving Brett’s diorama a truly one-of-a-kind look! Thanks for sharing these pics, Bret!

Readers’ Gallery: Aaron’s 1/48 Accurate Miniatures P-51B

Agape forum member Aaron (RonnieRex) posted his results on this beautiful P-51B. Great work, Aaron!

Finished!  Boy ‘em I glad to have this one done.  It’s taken me so long, but I’m glad to have had a second chance on painting it right.  I somehow missed the seat belts… oops.  Thank you for all the kind words that have helped me stay motivated to finish this one.

For those of you who have build an AM Mustang, you’ll know about the four .50 barrels that you have to glue into the wing.  My B model has 6 .50 barrels in it.  They are stuck inside the wing where they have vanished out of site.  Thankfully, I had extras!

Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18A VFC-12 Adversary

Andy Mason posts another of his “Adversary” builds, to compliment his previous build from a few weeks ago. Great work again, Andy! They look awesome.

Readers’ Gallery: Jeff Adair’s 1/24th Tasca Panzer II

Jeff Adair (jeff8600) finished his Panzer II as part of the Agape Models forum Desert Fellowship Build. Great work Jeff!

Well I got the 1/24th Panzer II finished last night, I used Testers Model Master paint for the base and Vallejo paint for the chipping and washes, I also used Mig Pigments for a dusting and for the rust on the tracks.

Readers’ Gallery: Tom’s 1/72 Hobbyboss Bf-109E-7

Forum member Tom (spitguy) shared his finished work on Hobbyboss’ Emil. these Hobbyboss kits are a great bargain- I’ve built several myself. Thanks for sharing Tom!

Here is my latest completion – the Hobbyboss 1/72 Bf-109E-7 (Easy Assembly).

I started on this kit last Christmas and then put it on hold to work on other projects, picking it back up this February.  These kits are simple and fun and a great way to work on certain techniques.  I further worked on my pre-shading – I was a little more aggressive in letting the pre-shade show through the color coat this time and I am happy with the effect.  I am getting pretty settled into a medium pre-shade and a light oil wash as my preferred technique to show general fading and wear.  The antenna mast broke off while the kit was in storage, so I used the antenna mast from my spare parts box from a Tamiya P-51B, cutting it down to the right size in my judgement.

In my opinion, you just have to love the lines of the early 109s…the G model and later just look like some kind of mutant to me with their big noses, bulges, and rounded wingtips.  The first time I learned about the 109 was from a book on the Battle of Britian in elementary school and I guess that book established in my mind what a 109 was supposed to look like!  I also recently watched a new show on the History Channel that showcased Guenter Rall, Hitler’s “Greatest Ace”…talk about a warrior – shot down 8 times earlier in his career, he still fought the USAAF in November 1944 with a broken back and missing thumb (shot off in May 1944).

Thanks for looking!

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